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You could order the furniture for your home, office, restaurant, we work quickly and our prices are the best!

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Dovete solo scegliere i mobili!

Tutto il resto facciamo noi!

The best for you!

All you have to do is to select the furniture, all the rest we will do for you! We choose for you the best hotels, we arrange transfers, provide translate services. You will visit the selected fabbrics with pleasure and it help you to make the right choice.
The bargain of new furniture will be held comfortable and fun!

Personal presence

See with your own eyes how the furniture will look, to touch the material, select the desired finishing, color, texture, and "try" the furniture by yourself, you can when visiting the showroom selected factories. The only way to determine if the right choice was made.
The interior design of your house in your hands!

Comfortable bargain

We will meet you at the airport, hotel or our office. Our Russian speaking staff member to accompany you when visiting factories or showrooms, help overcome the language barrier and will do everything so that you get maximum enjoyment from the visit to Italy!
At your disposal will be a convenient and comfortable car that will accompany you on the trip.

Your visit personalized

In accordance with your wishes will be compiled program of visits to selected factories will be ordered hotels and restaurants as close as possible. Will take into account all your requirements and wishes!
Our experience is a guarantee that you will not only get the pleasure of visiting Italy, but also gain real quality furniture!

A wide range of finishes

You can choose a suitable you finish a huge number of proposed options, which are presented in full and in an updated form, in order to avoid mistakes in the order!
So you yourself choose what you really like!
A more complete set of finishes you will not find not one shop.

Freedom of choise

You can choose any furniture, since we work with more than 600 factories different direction, style and value. We can help with the choice of the designer, which will help to decorate your home in the best way, as well as examine your design project and / or offer our solution! The combination of comfort, design and style will be provided!


In order to make your visit as comfortable as possible passed, we can offer an exclusive sightseeing or entertainment program.
Italy is not only comfortable and luxurious furnishings, but also a lot of corners, full of sights that should definitely visit!

Preview choise

If you have already decided on the choice of furniture, we shall count as soon as possible your order depending on the chosen finish.
You will be provided through a full description of the selected furniture.
This will allow you to save time, as in this case, you will only need to compare prices!

Why we are?

Assistenza completa

Asssistiamo dall'inizio alla fine di arredamento della vostra casa, dal progetto al montaggio

Proposte megliori

Troviamo i mobili secondo le vostre essegenze, gusti e richieste tra nostri fornitori!

Difendiamo vostri interessi

I nostri manager hanno una vasta esperienza nella fornitura di mobili e faranno le migliori offerte

Controllo qualità

Controlliamo i mobili dopo la fabbricazione e facciamo un servizio fotografico dettagliato sullo stato dei mobili

Consegna in qualsiasiregione

L'organizzazione di servizi consolidazione, accompagnamento della merce e la consegna a domicilio

Tempo libero

Vostro manager personale oppure traduttore può organizzare programma di escursioni, intrattenimento nelle città vicine

About us

You can find a lot of information about us

Our society consists exclusively by professionals who know the furniture market in Italy, all the features and materials they use manufacturers. None of our team can say: "I do not care what to sell." We are passionate about our business, and we know we can make this work!

All our partners and customers become our friends and colleagues. Italian design is an important part of our lives

Our mission - "Making the quality of our work" aims to make available to the Italian furniture brands for our customers, so we only work directly with manufacturers. The price is acceptable, because thanks to many years of collaboration and reliability we can get the maximum discounts.

Sincery yours, Luxury Home

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Prepare for your payment, arrange your trip to the furniture factory and answer all your questions!
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Addresses all issues with transport companies to your furniture has been shipped on time!
Addresses all issues with transport companies to your furniture has been shipped on time!
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Controls payments, timely execution of orders and delivery of your furniture in time!
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Engaged in the development of the company, contracts with suppliers, advertising and promotion.
Engaged in the development of the company, contracts with suppliers, advertising and promotion of the site.


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